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Go Big or Go Home

There is a familiar saying that if you can’t run with the big dogs, you better stay on the porch! You’ve taken the first big step in starting your own business but if you’re not driving traffic, building excitement, and stirring consumer interest in your products or services,  you’re just spinning your wheels!!

The Conversion Pros is a complete turn key system that will ramp up your marketing campaign and put your business on the map. This is a full proof system with guaranteed leads!! Try for one week free. You won’t be disappointed!!


Think Strategically, Think Like a Boss

Boss Rules 101

Never let them see you sweat! Sweat and perspiration indicate nervousness and fear. Sweat carries a scent that lets predators know that you’re prey…chow time! When your credit score is in the low 300s…you’re prey! You are like the bony little antelope shivering on the plains of Africa with a sign on its neck that reads, “Devour Me Please!!” Bosses don’t think that way. Bosses scan the plains and yawn while others bring the bony little antelope to them on a platter! Thinking like a Boss means thinking strategically. It means positioning yourself for the right moment, the right time, the right alignment to dictate terms! You can’t dictate terms with a credit score in the 300s to 400s. It ain’t happening.

Take charge then. Get the FES Protection Plan and begin to strategically position yourself on the great plains of life. Financial Education Service is a A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and has over 12 years of credit expertise. There are so many benefits to enrolling in the FES Protection Plan you’d be a bony little antelope shivering on the plains to ignore this opportunity!

Contact a Credit Repair Specialist at FES to learn how you can take charge of your future like a boss!!

Debt Free Living is Power Living

Get Rid of Debt with FES Debt Zero

You have to get a plan and drive that plan daily. Paying off debt isn’t magic but it can be done. Financial Education Service has a special program, one of my favorites, called FES Debt Zero and I love it!!!

Debt Zero is a clear guide on how to more efficiently pay down your debt. Taking into account your debt obligations and interest, the system will show you exactly how to properly allocate your money towards your monthly payments using nothing more than your current income, in order to speed up you debt payoff. Not only will it map out the thousands of dollars you will be saving in interest by paying off your debt significantly earlier than expected, but it will show you the amount of hard earned money you can save by eliminating unnecessary years of interest payments!

For less than the cost of a gourmet cup of coffee a day, you can enjoy the many services of Financial Education Service. Paying off debt requires a plan, and Financial Education Service has one. Sign up for FES Debt Zero today!

Continuity of Care & Estate Planning

Will & Testament 2

Because We Care at Financial Education Service

Most of never consider the possibility that we won’t be around to see our children married or bounce grandchildren off our knees. We don’t want to think about that time when our journey through this life will come to an end. We don’t want to imagine what our loved ones will have to deal with once we’re gone. But love demands that we do because it’s the right thing to do. For a moment, just consider what the people you care about will have to deal with on that fateful day! Financial Education Service can help prepare you and your loved ones so that when the inevitable comes knocking, relief is but a few mouse clicks away.

Let us help you get your business and personal affairs in order. At Financial Education Service, our My Care Plan provides a single portal for access to the key documents that your family will need to help protect your legacy, heritage, and fortunes.

Make A Decision to Grow


Financial Education Service

Ok, it’s that time of year. It’s graduation time! For the next month you’re probably going to see tons of Face Book posts of newly minted high school and college graduates. Proud parents, and rightly so, will be posting dozens of pics showing exuberant, glowing, and optimistic graduates headed off into a brave new world. monitoring

For all you graduates I say congratulations! Indeed, your graduation marks a significant milestone in your life and I want to give you one more piece of advice. Get protected. Protect your credit, protect your identity, and protect your future with the FES Protection Plan. It’s never too early to think about protection. You may know some classmates that didn’t and they ended up with graduation presents they didn’t count on…the kind that will stay with them for the next 18 years…or so. Financial Education Service provides services that safeguards your identity while at the same time repairs your credit. Yes, even young people have a credit score and a credit history…usually bad because young people aren’t generally taught financial literacy.

So get ready for the next big adventure in your life but do so with protection! It’s never too early to start. Contact a FES Agent today and get enrolled. If want more information about the plan and what it can do for you, complete this form and you will be contacted.

There Is a Better Way



Ah, the morning is one of my favorite moments in the day. I’m in my home office at my desk, sipping on a warm and delightfully rich cup of Joe, and I’m perusing the Sunday edition of the New York Times. I’m reading this front page story by Nathaniel Popper about anonymous sales of opioid drugs via the dark web. According to Popper (2017, June 10), opioids are so deadly that only a few flakes of the drug fentanyl can kill. I am immediately struck by two things as I read: The ease by which death can be delivered (by mail), and the rapid hunger and finality of opioid addiction.

I also started thinking about some of the wonderful benefits Financial Education Service provides. Not only can you gain huge respect as a self-made business person, you get to help other people fix their credit issues…and it’s all legal! This business even provides a $100,000 life insurance benefit to its agents once they qualify!! Even if you don’t want to become independently wealthy, maybe you still need your credit fixed. If that’s the case then the FES Protection Plan is what you need.

There are better ways to make money in this life. Becoming a Credit Expert with Financial Education Service is one that I highly recommend. It’s one job you don’t do in the dark but in the light of day…sipping a luxurious cup of Joe!