Picking Up the Baton

It’s been just about right years since I penned part eight of Night Cries. I just reread it and the story took me right back to those days when I held so much emotion inside about this story. I feel revived inside and anxious to get back into the writing habit.

Having completed my dissertation, I am eager to stir up those creative juices again. I am excited to start creating new worlds, characters, and giving my imagination room to run. The dissertation process is extremely rigid as it should be, and I certainly appreciated the lessons I learned during that process. Now that I have accomplished that goal, I feel like a free man!

I do intend to use my doctorate to publish and conduct research. I definitely don’t want to throw away all that I learned during that journey, but I also want to give life and energy to my creative spirit. So I am looking forward to this new beginning, this chance to spark adventures of my mind and dreams and, hopefully, begin a new career path.