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Dedicated to advancing the best in those that read these pages, we are committed to facilitating knowledge acquisition and intelligence building. We will do this by story telling and sharing of opportunities to advance growth economically, spiritually, and physically.


Financial Education Service

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At Financial Education Service we strives to provide financial opportunity in its most complete form. With a focus on consumer education and providing a unique and personalized experience, we work to eliminate the burden of financial uncertainty while creating a plan of action and peace of mind for the future.

Our vision is to continuously develop beyond the financial services offered today, enhancing not only the opportunity for consumers to feel financial stability, but

ultimately achieve their greatest financial potential. Our goals will always lead back to that our foundation was created upon- to educate and improve the financial scenarios of American consumers. Our array of services is extensive. FES Services. Check out all the features included in a paid FES Protection Plan here.

Our Vision

Your Thoughts Become reality

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Don’t let anyone rob you of your hope. God has gifted His creation with a marvelous thing called faith and when we put faith into action, miracles happen.



Enlightenment is Primary

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If it can be learned, it’s worth sharing. We want to push the boundaries of the imagination and create hope in dark spaces.

Blogs Posts

Turning the Tide

It Starts with Vision I have been spending more and more time trying to help people change their mindset about what’s possible, trying to get them to believe in themselves and achieve more in life. At times it’s like pushing a boulder uphill. For reasons that are hard to explain, some people tend to cling …

The Nation

Washington D.C. Need I say more? I think the city inhabits a different reality. Watching the media circus taking place is instructive. One is left wondering whether anything will ever get better or change. The more you look at what’s happening in the nation’s capital, the more discouraging or demoralizing it can be. You keep …