Picking Up the Baton

It's been just about right years since I penned part eight of Night Cries. I just reread it and the story took me right back to those days when I held so much emotion inside about this story. I feel revived inside and anxious to get back into the writing habit. Having completed my dissertation, … Continue reading Picking Up the Baton

Night Cries, Part Seven

Erik’s earth mother came running up the stairs in a panic. Little Fran was standing at the bathroom door with a look of fright upon his face. The bathroom door shuddered violently but ceased as Erik’s earth mother approached. “Erik”, his earth mother called cautiously. “Are you alright? What’s going on in there?” On the … Continue reading Night Cries, Part Seven


                                                               Dreams. If you're not dreaming, you're not living up to your full potential!!  Dreams are the essential lubricant for positive results in life.  You can't really perceive all that's possible while you're awake and conscious.  As human beings we're limited that way.  The mind just can't process everything that you are capable of when … Continue reading Dreams