Night Cries…Part 4

Night Cries Part 4 By Timotei She hovered, unmoving yet shimmering like the heat waves off a summer baked street.  The boy’s blond hair briefly obscured his vision but he didn’t move a muscle.  She drew in a deep breath and opened her mouth ever so slightly.  There was no sound, but the stench filled … Continue reading Night Cries…Part 4

Night Cries…Continued

Night Cries - Part 2 by Timotei There is no movement.  The boy lies completely still, the ripples of budding terror caressing his pale skin.  He wasn’t expecting this right now.  It’s too soon.  He’s unprepared in almost every way.  Huddled motionless in his bed, Erik’s mind races back to the beginning of this long, … Continue reading Night Cries…Continued