Night Cries…Part 5

Night Cries Part 5 By Timotei   Soft echoes rang against the inside of his skull, bouncing vague thoughts and memories through his cluttered mind.  Erik felt himself shaking back and forth, a still yet small voice calling his name quietly at first and then with increasing panic. “Erik, wake up son”, he heard his … Continue reading Night Cries…Part 5

Night Cries…Continued

Night Cries - Part 2 by Timotei There is no movement.  The boy lies completely still, the ripples of budding terror caressing his pale skin.  He wasn’t expecting this right now.  It’s too soon.  He’s unprepared in almost every way.  Huddled motionless in his bed, Erik’s mind races back to the beginning of this long, … Continue reading Night Cries…Continued