Reconciliation Time

Reconciliation 1

Back to Where You Belong

The word reconcile means to bring into agreement or harmony, or to make compatible or consistent. If you are loaded down with bad debt, you are not living the life you wanted. No one, at least no one I know, wants to be a slave to debt. Bad credit is a stumbling block to destiny. In order to reconcile your life and bring balance to it so that you and your dreams occupy the same space, you have to get rid of the junk in the middle! Bad credit is that stuff in the middle. Financial Education Service has a plan, a strategy, and specialist that can help you erase bad credit. Get protected for just $3 a day and be reconciled with the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Where’s My Flashlight

Terror at Night 3

No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

The darkness always seems so powerful because of what it purports to hide in its depths. As a child, the darkness was scary…still is I must admit but that’s between you and I ok?! Our imagination amplifies the impact of the darkness too. In the darkness all our senses become heightened because our primary sense, sight, is useless. The dark seems to carry a sense of life all its own and the prospect of something observing us when we can’t see it, is bracing! But what happens as soon as the light comes on? The fear fades and our sense of dread evaporates.

Such is the case when it comes to our credit report. We may have pulled our report once or twice in our adult earning lives but most people don’t. They know that there is bad stuff in it and they don’t want to look at it. The darkness prevails and our dread digs in and grows. With Smart Credit by FES, you don’t have to take refuge under the bed or in the closet. You can shine the light on your credit report as often as you like and monitor it frequently. The more you review it, the better you will feel about how Financial Education Service is working to keep the darkness at bay.

Smart Credit is just one of many services your FES Agent to talk with you about. The FES Protection Plan is a powerful collection of services that will forever shine the light on your future of limitless possibilities. Find out how you can take advantage of one the world’s strongest portfolios of credit protection and monitoring services available here.

The First Step

Fear of the Unknown 4

Launching Into a New Day

They say that taking that first step into something new is the hardest. The unknown challenges our fears and paralyzes us into standing still. We already know that change is needed and standing still does nothing to help us create a better tomorrow. So why is that first step so darn hard?

Fear, lack of confidence, and perhaps the absence of faith all conspire to weigh us down and immobilize us. There are probably many more factors that pour cement into our shoes when we begin contemplating a change. I believe change is necessary to grow. If we stand still, we will wither and dry up and the wind will select our final resting place. So what should you do when you are paralyzed with fear or indecision?

Fear of the Unknown 5Let me share a simple story that happened to me growing up. We use to spend hours at the base pool. The pool was probably my mother’s best child care friend back in the day. She would drop me and my brothers off at the Air Force base pool and collect us towards the end of the day. She would give us money or lunch to carry sustain us and we would have a ball the rest of the day. Mind you, at the end of the day we were a bunch of shriveled raisins!

There was a high dive board and a low one. My brothers and I had mastered the low diving board but wanted to do the high board. I can remember climbing the ladder and peering over the edge of the board. It looked like we were a mile up!!! It was terrifying to look down and the more we looked the more afraid we became. I was the oldest so of course, it was up to me to lead the way and be the first to take the big dive.

The only way I could overcome my fear was to think about the end, the splash, the admiration of my younger brothers, and the excitement of having jumped!!! In my mind I knew it was just water and water was my friend. I could swim, there were lifeguards on duty…and girls were watching me!!! Taken altogether, these things helped me charge ahead and once I took that first step, it was over. I was plunging, yelling and screaming, belly first into the cool embrace of the deep end of the pool! Not only did I survive, but I was excited to get back to the board for my next dive! The fear of that first step faded when I hit the water!Fear of the Unknown

So it is when you make a decision to try something new. The best thing you can do is push yourself to make that first step. The second one is infinitely easier. It’s your life. You are in control. No one pushed me off the high dive. I was in control and that gave me strength and confidence. No one can push you to become a FES sales agent. You are in control and you can decide whether earning significant sums of residual income is right for you. But, if you take that first step, you will find that dictating the terms of your next career becomes addicting! Being your own boss is intoxicating and the return on your courageous first step will pleasantly surprise you. Enroll now in the FES Protection Plan and take that first step into a bigger, brighter tomorrow.


Investing in The Future Means Investing Now


Time is Money

When I was young…when I was younger, I use to say that I would wait until I was old and made allot of money to start investing. I thought investing was something rich older people did because they were bored and just needed something to do with their money. It didn’t dawn on me that older rich people got to be rich because they started early in life with saving and investing their money. Rich older people understood the power of compounding interest.

Compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum of a loan or deposit, or in other words, interest on interest. It is the result of reinvesting interest, rather than paying it out, so that interest in the next period is then earned on the principal sum plus previously-accumulated interest. Try this calculator and test the idea for yourself. The more you compound interest over a longer period of time, the greater you multiple wealth! But this strategy requires a disciplined mindset and most of us haven’t been trained to think this way. Instant gratification is the order of the day for many of us.

Financial education is a must if you want to learn how to change the way you think about money. We have to unlearn the bad practices we may have grew up with and replace them with solid principles of fiscal responsibility. Financial Education Service can help you re-calibrate your thinking and plot a new course towards financial freedom and prosperity. Contact a FES agent to learn more about the Financial Protection Plan offered by FES.

Financial Education Service is here to serve you. Don’t put off today for a future that isn’t promised to any of us. Invest in your future today. Join the team and build a road of progress and promise with the Financial Education Service. We guarantee your satisfaction.