Turning the Tide

Negativity 3

It Starts with Vision

I have been spending more and more time trying to help people change their mindset about what’s possible, trying to get them to believe in themselves and achieve more in life. At times it’s like pushing a boulder uphill. For reasons that are hard to explain, some people tend to cling to the negative nurturing they received growing up or experience in the present. As long as those dark clouds of self-doubt hover over head, it’s difficult to escape the shadows.

depressed man

So much of what we believe  shapes our reality. We think negatively about a situation, the outcome is rarely if ever good. When we harbor dark thoughts, when we doubt everything, the doo

rs to possibility remains closed. I actually know some people that intentionally reject what they hear or see because they’ve been taught to be skeptical and negative.

This kind of limiting cognition is a real death spiral and leads to nowhere. So how is someone to break free of this kind of thinking? How does one escape the dark circumstances of a life their own thoughts created?

Vision. Human beings are very visual. Our vision is probably one of the first senses that shaped our evolution and set us apart from the rest of creation. When I say vision, I am not just talking about what we see with our eyes. There are animal species with far sharper visual acuity than man, but they don’t build skyscrapers or Mars land rovers! The vision I speak of does include what we see with our eyes but more importantly, it includes what our eyes cannot see! The vision I am really writing about is what happens in our mind’s imaginative eyesight.

Our minds are the creative engines of this world, fueled and sparked by the divine. What we imagine, we can create. What we imagine in our mind’s eye becomes a reality we can shape. As long as we limit ourselves to negativity, an atmosphere of negativity is all that will be created. Our subconscious mind is always busy creating so when we are consumed by the hurdles and challenges in front of us, our creative mind undergirds those barriers!

Vision - Eye

So we have to change our vision. We have to engage our imagination to create positive outcomes. We have to think and deliver to our subconsciousness the material it needs to create a whole new world of possibilities. So instead of seeing rejection, see approval. Instead of imagining that you cannot start your own business, see yourself opening a new store, developing a new product or service, or launching a business plan. Instead of seeing failure, you have to see success in your mind. You have to imagine that you are (not will be) a successful business owner! Take a first step here. Watch this presentation, see yourself making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and chase those clouds of negativity away!


How Do You Want To Be Remembered

Loving or Selfish

Financial Education Service wants you to think about this for a minute. As of this moment, as of this exact minute and second, we are all quite mortal. We all have expiration dates! I only know of one man that returned from the dead and remains very much alive!!! The rest of us, well, we have designated lifespans and we all will eventually meet our Maker..hopefully He will have some very choice words for us like, “well done you good and faithful servant”!! I know that’s what I want to hear (smile).

Legacy is important. While we will not necessarily know what happens to our loved ones once we transition, discounting my ghost mutant theory, our care and love of them will be very evident to everyone else. How we prepared for their continued care will reflect on the legacy we leave behind. Our loved ones will have to contend with the noise, the looks, and the judgments of others who look in on what we left behind. Our loved ones will be judged, rudely of course, and certainly unfairly, by those who will observe how much…or how little they struggle after our departure.

Besides all the various features available in a Financial Education Service protection plan, becoming an agent also provides up to $100,000 in life insurance! As a agent you not only draw on the many services in an FES plan, but you get the ability to cover your loved ones with money they will need during a time of great heart break and despair. Not only will you have access to this life insurance, you will have access to Wills & Power of Attorneys for your finances and also health needs. The FES protection plans makes estate planning a breeze.

Don’t delay this decision. Protect your legacy. Protect you family from the harsh realities of outsiders with agendas of their own. Contact a Financial Education Service agent to discover how to become an agent and take advantage of the many benefits this company offers.

The Nation

The Capital

Washington D.C.

Need I say more? I think the city inhabits a different reality. Watching the media circus taking place is instructive. One is left wondering whether anything will ever get better or change. The more you look at what’s happening in the nation’s capital, the more discouraging or demoralizing it can be. You keep hoping that politicians will put the nation first but once you turn on the news, reality sets in and the show goes on!

So let’s get off that track and look at a new path. Washington will be Washington, but your reality can be so much more! You can start by letting go of old norms and ways of thinking that keep you stuck. You’ve been told so many times that being your own boss is too hard, that it’s not possible, or that you need millions of dollars in capital to get started. Rubbish!!

Let Financial Education Service show you how to create wealth on your own terms. Contact an FES agent to find out how easy and satisfying it can be to chart your own destiny, write your own vision, and walk a path you designed.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop doubting.

Stop second guessing the decision to be happy.

You can be the captain of your very own ship…literally! So start here. Make a plan to be happy and love life again…even if Washington has lost its mind!!!

Reconciliation Time

Reconciliation 1

Back to Where You Belong

The word reconcile means to bring into agreement or harmony, or to make compatible or consistent. If you are loaded down with bad debt, you are not living the life you wanted. No one, at least no one I know, wants to be a slave to debt. Bad credit is a stumbling block to destiny. In order to reconcile your life and bring balance to it so that you and your dreams occupy the same space, you have to get rid of the junk in the middle! Bad credit is that stuff in the middle. Financial Education Service has a plan, a strategy, and specialist that can help you erase bad credit. Get protected for just $3 a day and be reconciled with the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Moms, You Are Amazing


Calling All Moms, Calling All Moms

Moms are the driving force behind innovation in the home and this is why you are a perfect fit for this work from home opportunity. Give us a chance to show you how to make significant income while at home attending to the greatest, most difficult job anyone will ever have. At Financial Education Service we want to unleash your potential to make unlimited income and support your family. No more dividing your time and attention between a job outside the home you hate and the little ones that just want to be where you are. You have the skills and you understand work ethic. Why not put all that talent to work for you while you care for your family.

Mothers are undervalued and often unappreciated. Many times people that work outside of the home have this impression that being at home and tending to the family needs is not real work! Delusional?? Yep, my thoughts too!! No one works harder than moms and most of the time there is no compensation for this sweat equity other than the smiling faces and warm hugs and runny noses of bright little faces that adore you from head to toe. Even with this, you deserve more, much, much more and FES can help you get there.

Women in Pain

woman-in-painWhen will the war on women cease? When will the day come when men and women can tend the same garden and value one another as gifts to that very garden of needful earth? I look at the  world through articles and news stories and I sigh. It saddens me to see so much brutality vectored towards those whose wombs sustain all of us. Just this morning I viewed a video story in the New York Times of Saudi women’s right to vote and run for municipal office. On the one hand it was encouraging that Saudi women were striving to make reality a right many of us in the West take for granted. On the other hand, it broke my heart as I watched how little regard Saudi men had for women, how these men treated women and reacted to women’s presence like the plague. What I saw in the New York Times video was not just the outplay of centuries of tradition, it was willful hatred of wives, mothers, and daughters. It was cloaked as acquiescence to a model of cultural life in Saudi Arabia but what I saw was the sanctioned brutalization of women on physical, emotional, and mental perspectives. How and why are Saudi men so weak? How did this happen and why has it persisted for so long? Why do I even care you ask?

I cannot answer the first two questions, but I can tell you why I care so much about this. I care about this because the cultural dissonance I perceive in Saudi Arabia mirrors what I see in American culture. Let me explain. Yes, in America women have the right to vote and run for elected office and they do so in droves. Yet, their vote counts for very little. Absurd?? Not really, you see while women vote in record numbers and hold many, many elected offices, they continue to earn less than men and they continue to labor under laws that dictate what they do with their own bodies. Women in America are allowed to be raped at will and whenever there is a prosecution for their rape, the consequences tell the rest of men in our society that rape culture is insulated and secure. In America, we continue to fortify institutions that promulgate systemic processes that devalue women. Porn. Porn is a virus that pervades all of our social venues for entertainment and capitalism. We buy, sell, and entertain with one common theme and that is that sex sells and the objects of our capitalist machinations is the female form. It doesn’t even matter the age of the female, she is of value only to the extent that we can make use of her physical attributes. We measure her and judge her stats and we enslave her body for our own pleasures. So how is this any different from what and how Saudi men treat women?

So I write this as a way of venting my disappointments in how little we have progressed as a male dominated society. Viewing the political climate and the possibility that a true misogynist may be elected to the office of President of the United States serves to validate my perspective. 

I won’t even discuss ethnicity or race hear. I will save that for another day when I have far more energy than I do today.


False gods

False gods 3                                                          False gods

I want to ask this question: Why put your trust in something that can do nothing for you? Put another way, why ascribe divinity to something you created with your own two hands, or your imagination or someone else’s? Isn’t this what a false god is? By the strictest definition of the word “God” anyone other than God professing to be God must be false, i.e. God is “the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe” (Dictionary.com). According to this definition then there can only be one Supreme Being and He is God; therefore, all others claiming to be the Supreme Being are false. They are false gods.

If there were more than one Supreme Being we would have to redefine the word supreme. In this case there is only room for one Supreme Being and God does not share His throne or His glory with other so-called gods. But when I titled this post I deliberately used the word “gods”, lower case, for a reason. When used this way, the word “gods” denotes something lessor than that which is supreme. In fact the Apostle Paul uses the word theos (gods) in I Cor. 8:5 which means “a god or goddess, a general name of deities or divinities” (Blue Letter Bible) to make this point. While theos is also used in the Greek for God, upper case, Paul makes the distinction clear when he uses the Greek word kyrios (lord) in the same verse to describe “gods” as “he to whom a person or thing belongs, about which he has power of deciding; master, lord” (Blue Letter Bible), i.e. something or someone to be distinguished from the Almighty God, the Supreme God.

Theos, when linked with kyrios, does denote something that in terms of status or privilege could be construed as something with significant power or acclaim. Some men refer to other men of higher rank and societal privilege as lord or master. These lords and masters exercised power through wealth, birthright or through some achievement that sets them above their peers. Some societies have worshipped the sun, moon, stars or animals as deities because of their grandeur, spectacle or because of their lack of knowledge about the true nature of these things.

False gods 4In either case the title of master or lord ascribes some element of superiority to the object of reference and, in my mind at least, speaks volumes about how the individual values themselves. For example, if I were to bow down before the sun in worship of it I would be making a statement about not only my valuation of the sun but also about my weakness and need. I would not bow to that which serves me, but I bow and humble myself before that which I serve. In that act I am acknowledging my inferiority and the superiority of the object being worshipped. I am also acknowledging that I need something, and I am demonstrating that what I bow down to can supply that need. But in reference to deity, there is expectancy, that something can and will happen with such an exchange. If I bow down before the god of rain or the sun god or whatever deity controls the weather asking for rain so that my crops will grow, what is my expectation? I am expecting that at some point I will receive rainfall and my crops will be saved! Otherwise why waste my breath right? When I humble myself before whatever I consider to be deity there is always an expectation of some kind. I call these things false gods because they cannot deliver or produce anything to fulfil that expectation! They are theos in name only. They have no power deliver.

The Apostle Paul wrote in I Cor 8:4-7, “About eating food offered to idols, then, we know that “an idol is nothing in the world,” and that “there is no God but one.” For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth—as there are many “gods” and many “lords”— yet for us there is one God, the Father. All things are from Him, and we exist for Him. And there is one Lord, Jesus Christ. All things are through Him, and we exist through Him. However, not everyone has this knowledge”. False gods count on our lack of knowledge for power! This is how people are enslaved. False gods lead people to believe false teachings and belief systems. These false teachings keep people locked up and bound in error and darkness. Each time you bow down before a false god you donate part of your own power and life-force to that thing. The sad part is that you get nothing back in exchange. Not so with Jesus Christ!!

There is but one God and Father. He is supreme above all else and He has manifested His power and His Will in the person of Jesus Christ. Bowing down to worship Christ is the same as worshipping the Almighty in heaven. To see Christ is to see the Father. Jesus Christ is the perfect and visible reflection of the invisible God. Submitting yourself to Christ reaps eternal life and so many other benefits. Not so with false gods!!!!

A Lie for the Truth

False ReligionA Lie for the Truth

I really have been trying not to go here but I feel compelled to. I know that in past posts I said that it wasn’t necessary to defend your faith by arguing and fighting as the world does. I still believe this to be true, but after prolonged interactions on various Google+ communities, I am flabbergasted!!! I am at a loss as to why people believe what they do about God. The ideas, the lines of thinking, the beliefs run a range too vast to really describe here! People, so many of the people I have encountered have literally chosen to believe a lie for the truth.

It could be that I have just been living in a bubble, nice and warm, convinced that there was a vast majority of people that, while not exactly synched with me concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ, believed certain essential core truths. Boy was I wrong! The divide is huge and as time progresses the gap is getting wider. I haven’t cornered the market on truth and in my opinion there is but one truth: Jesus Christ is Lord! Given this, I could never just accept a bold lie for the truth.

Actually I shouldn’t be surprised by this. The bible, oh by the way, there are a great many people out there that don’t hold any reverence whatsoever for the bible, describes these last days very clearly. I shouldn’t be surprised that “right” is steadily being re-defined as “wrong” and vice versa. There are no boundaries and as time progresses, the very thing that helped us hold a clear path is being undermined. If you think the bible is nothing but a bunch of fairy tales and made up stories and you still call yourself a Christian, something is very, very wrong. But to just believe a lie is the truth!!!??? As a Christian, how do you do this?

The latest argument that has my head spinning is that since the bible was written by False Religion 2sinful, fallen men, it can’t be trusted, that the mistakes that are inherent to human nature have ruined and jaded any good that could come from using the bible as an authoritative source for living in this world. I’m just old fashion. If God said it I believe it and it doesn’t matter who He used in the Holy Scriptures to convey this truth. Call me a fool but I’d rather err on the side of the Almighty than take a risk with the philosophical proclivities of fallen humanity. A lie can never be truth! Notice I didn’t say a lie cannot be true. Lies are true all the time. People spew them by the boat load but the same cannot be said for truth. Truth stands no matter what you or I do or say. Yet some would rather believe a lie for the truth because, because, because….I have no idea!

It just blows my mind but at the same time I do realize that people aren’t just going to take the bible at face value, especially when there have been countless interventions by religious bodies to shape and mold the bible to their purpose. I also acknowledge that there are some things in the bible that simply do not make sense without context, without spiritual insight, and with a modern day prism of examination. I also acknowledge that our understanding of the historical texts is impeded by modern technology which actually hinders us from seeing through the eyes and experiences of those who lived during biblical times. Yes, technology has helped us retrieve and review that which was before, but it has also dulled our spiritual eyes and ears. We hardly know how to seek Him for ourselves without assistance from the Internet!!

Given all of that, one thing endures that helps me navigate these difficulties. I have my faith so in reality I don’t need any empirical evidence to embrace the bible as true. For me a lie will never be truth. What really helps me is knowing that despite the ages, the decades and centuries that have passed, God’s Word still found me! His Word, despite the best efforts of religious organizations and bodies untold, still changed my life and opened for me the door to eternal life in Jesus Christ!! If that isn’t proof enough that the bible is real, that His Word is true, that nothing else really matters in this life as long as He is in me and I in Him, then nothing is. A lie for the truth is just a lie.

But as for me and my house…we will continue to trust and belief in the Lord God of our salvation and His Word!!!