Boss vs. Leader

Which Are You

If you’ve worked at any time in your life time, you’ve had a boss. You’ve been managed and you’ve experienced different levels of leadership. You also know and recognize bad leadership and horrible bosses. If you’ve serve in the military, you’ve certainly seen the full spectrum of leadership from toxic to transformational!! The difference between a boss and a leader is dramatic and notable. So much of the main difference between a boss and a leader centers on training and experience.

You can build a business but without training, you are not likely to succeed.  Even the best leaders had training and learned to sharpen their skills. When you start your own business from home, leadership is still vitally important to your success and the performance of your company. You may only be a company of ONE, but you only do yourself a disservice if you omit training. The Conversion Pros has all the training you need to be a successful go-getter. Leadership is a hallmark of The Conversion Pros model. We take care of our up and coming marketers and won’t let you flounder alone in the dark. Your success is our success. Contact me directly at to find out how you can be the leader you need to be in the company you create.

Summer Time Money

Beach Bash Fun

So what are you doing over the summer? Working? Vacationing broke? Wishing you were in one of those dreamscapes you see on your computer screen? Most likely huh, but does it really have to be that way? What if I told you that you can earn money while you’re on your favorite beach? What if I told you that you can become an independent business man or woman for free and become profitable enough to catch some rays while your system earns you money!

Companies pay millions of dollars to produce advertisements and run marketing campaigns for their products and services. With this system, you can do what the pros do for a fraction of the cost. In fact, there is no cost once you’re up and running. With this mobile marketing system, you can create your own business enterprise and make money! Best of all, this is a completely home-based system that you can literally implement anywhere you have Internet connectivity! Contact me directly at, and I will give you a coupon for a free week to try out the system for yourself!