Make A Decision to Grow


Financial Education Service

Ok, it’s that time of year. It’s graduation time! For the next month you’re probably going to see tons of Face Book posts of newly minted high school and college graduates. Proud parents, and rightly so, will be posting dozens of pics showing exuberant, glowing, and optimistic graduates headed off into a brave new world. monitoring

For all you graduates I say congratulations! Indeed, your graduation marks a significant milestone in your life and I want to give you one more piece of advice. Get protected. Protect your credit, protect your identity, and protect your future with the FES Protection Plan. It’s never too early to think about protection. You may know some classmates that didn’t and they ended up with graduation presents they didn’t count on…the kind that will stay with them for the next 18 years…or so. Financial Education Service provides services that safeguards your identity while at the same time repairs your credit. Yes, even young people have a credit score and a credit history…usually bad because young people aren’t generally taught financial literacy.

So get ready for the next big adventure in your life but do so with protection! It’s never too early to start. Contact a FES Agent today and get enrolled. If want more information about the plan and what it can do for you, complete this form and you will be contacted.