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Summer Time Is Your Time

The summer is here and it’s time to get that much needed time away from it all. You’ve been working so hard all year and you deserve some time for YOU! Unfortunately the airlines know this too. Ever notice how the fares always shoot through the roof when summer arrives. The airline know you’ve been cooped up all winter long and your worn out. They know you need a break and will do or pay whatever to get that break. Let me share a secret with you. Financial Education Service has a travel benefit!!

Yes, with FES Travel, you can book airlines, rental cars and hotel rooms all from a single portal link. What’s more, FES clients enjoy substantial discounts on many travel venues. So not only can you earn money as a FES agent, but you can earn real huge savings on travel, rentals and cruises…yes, I said cruises!! Clients typically receive anywhere from 10 – 20% off on select travel packages. For just the cost of one cup of coffee per day, you can reap huge savings and rewards as an FES client. Don’t let summer pass you by. Enroll now!! It’s time to fly!!