Stressed Out?

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Bad Credit is a Major Source of Stress

Yesterday I received my dispute letters from my attorneys, signed them, and mailed them off. In 45 days I am expecting to hear that negative and derogatory items on my credit report have been removed. I am expecting my credit score to increase by 100 points, and I am expecting that my investment in Financial Education Service will multiply 1000 fold!! This is my mindset, deliverance and financial freedom. Using the program my FES agent set up for me, I am also looking to have my debt reduction accelerated and three major accounts paid in full. I’m not exaggerating either. This has been a very long time but it’s arriving, it’s happening, and it can happen for you as well.

So much of what we do, particularly in a capitalist society, depends on credit worthiness. Having a life free from stress and worry is directly related to our financial status. Stress robs years from our lives and creates an unhealthy living environment. Stress has been found to create conditions ripe for disease and all manner of illnesses. According to Dr. Sternberg, “if you’re chronically stressed, the part of the brain that controls the stress response is going to be constantly pumping out a lot of stress hormones. The immune cells are being bathed in molecules which are essentially telling them to stop fighting. And so in situations of chronic stress your immune cells are less able to respond to an invader like a bacteria or a virus.”

Stress Kills

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Getting your finances in order is one way to clear the communication path between your brain and body and affect better health as a result. Stress impacts the body’s immune system and is a major contributor to heart disease. Financial Education Service has great tools for managing your debt and creating a plan to get out from under the stress bad credit can cause. Enroll now and restore better health and live the life you deserve.