Mind Over Matter

Mind over Matter

Change Your Mind

What is the one thing many people, especially people who are tired of working a 9 to 5, dream of? Yep, having their own business and being their own boss. For many, that dream seems like it’s just too big or just too far away to achieve. This is the kind of mindset that keeps people from having their dreams come true. People that think this way never become the Steve Jobs or Sam Waltons or John Rockeffers of the world. Wealthy people all have one thing in common. They think money. They think increase and do not view boundaries and hurdles as impediments to success. They have a billionaires’ mindset and they don’t think in terms of the impossible. For people with this mindset, the questions they ask never begin with “Can I”, but “When I”….They don’t really ask the question they already know the answer to so they begin with a statement of intent and not a question that underlies weakness and fear. When I raise my credit score, I CAN buy that home at 2.5% APR instead of 7%.

Let me explain further. When you ask a question you are stating a fact about yourself and what you are. If I ask my boss for a raise, I do so because I need more money, which in itself describes my financial status, and I am acknowledging that I need my bosses’ help to fill a need. I don’t ask my boss for a raise just because I want to have a chat with him. My request has purpose and that purpose underscores my need and my weakness. My request is placing me in a lower position than my boss since he holds the power to grant my request. It is a humbling experience but it serves a purpose. Low credit scores and bad credit reports keep us trapped in a mindset of weakness. Financial Education Service can help you get free from that weak mindset.

Now a statement of intent is entirely different. A statement of intent does not reveal weakness but projects power and confidence. “I can have a pay raise”, or “I will get a pay raise” are statements of intent that convey something different about the mindset of the individual. The statement of intent sets in motion forces that begin to shape and bend reality to your will. Statements of intent help shape cognitive patterns that reorient the brain towards positive, successful outcomes and results. God told His believers that the power of life and death were in the tongue! What we speak shapes the reality around us. “I will get a raise” is a statement of intent that focuses your reality on the desires of your heart. It changes you as soon as you speak it into the air!! It leaves no room for debate or doubt. It is a sealed deal as soon as the last syllable is uttered. Make up your mind to be better, to live better, to become what you envision. Financial Education Service can provide you a vehicle to financial freedom. Contact an FES agent to learn how.