What’s Really Holding You Back?

chains 2

The Chains Are Real

Debt is a modern day slave master. Debt makes bondservants of us all. Debt hinders our economic freedom and casts a shadow on our future. Debt’s reach is far and wide and deep, touching generations with scars of anguish and loathing. Debt is also a self-fulfilling prophesy. The more you seek to obtain things, the more you close your eyes to wisdom, the more you settle for the lies of materialism that equate the acquisition of “things” with happiness and purpose. So people borrow and borrow and borrow some more, and bank on the future to bail them out of the bad decisions they’ve made.

The problem is the future is not promised and tomorrow rarely brings gifts called “do-overs”. Debt crushes and keeps crushing until there is nothing but dust to mark the life you hoped for. Debt kills dreams. So why does debt prevail in so many of our lives? Why do we tolerate this insensitive master that ignores our pains and tears? Because we bought the bridge of lies that demands we feed it our obedience and servitude with every swipe of the plastic in our wallets and purses. This mindset is a prison. Financial Education Service is the key to new freedom.

Get a new outlook on life and regain control of your life. A Financial Education Service agent can help you break out of the prison of debt. FES has several products that can help you re-prioritize your debt, your spending, and get you started on a financial healing path. The FES Protection Plan is just one of many services offered by the Financial Education Service. You don’t have to live in bondage anymore. Change your mindset and dream again. Contact a local FES agent to learn more.