Smart Credit for Smart People

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Don’t Be Fooled

Plastic is dumb. Your credit doesn’t have to be. How many credit cards do you have? Do you really read through the policy notices and small print disclaimers attached to the pages of your credit applications? Are you aware of the rules that govern how often and when the credit card company can change your annual percentage rate? Did you know that bad credit card debt can hinder job prospects, rental and loan applications, and hurt your chances at getting life and auto insurance?

Get smart about your credit history and score. Financial Education Service can help you navigate the harsh terrain that is your credit history. The company offers one service in particular, included in your basic enrollment, called Smart Credit.

Why SmartCredit?
  • View your Smart Credit Report and all your Scores.
  • Get alerts when there are critical changes to your credit and money with Live ID Alerts.
  • See and manage your financial accounts and transactions, including a credit summary listing your outstanding debt.
  • Correct credit reporting inaccuracies or settle debt with our Action buttons.

All of these services are provided as part of your FES Protection Plan. Isn’t it time you got smart about your credit? Contact your local FES agent to learn more.