Women in Pain

woman-in-painWhen will the war on women cease? When will the day come when men and women can tend the same garden and value one another as gifts to that very garden of needful earth? I look at the  world through articles and news stories and I sigh. It saddens me to see so much brutality vectored towards those whose wombs sustain all of us. Just this morning I viewed a video story in the New York Times of Saudi women’s right to vote and run for municipal office. On the one hand it was encouraging that Saudi women were striving to make reality a right many of us in the West take for granted. On the other hand, it broke my heart as I watched how little regard Saudi men had for women, how these men treated women and reacted to women’s presence like the plague. What I saw in the New York Times video was not just the outplay of centuries of tradition, it was willful hatred of wives, mothers, and daughters. It was cloaked as acquiescence to a model of cultural life in Saudi Arabia but what I saw was the sanctioned brutalization of women on physical, emotional, and mental perspectives. How and why are Saudi men so weak? How did this happen and why has it persisted for so long? Why do I even care you ask?

I cannot answer the first two questions, but I can tell you why I care so much about this. I care about this because the cultural dissonance I perceive in Saudi Arabia mirrors what I see in American culture. Let me explain. Yes, in America women have the right to vote and run for elected office and they do so in droves. Yet, their vote counts for very little. Absurd?? Not really, you see while women vote in record numbers and hold many, many elected offices, they continue to earn less than men and they continue to labor under laws that dictate what they do with their own bodies. Women in America are allowed to be raped at will and whenever there is a prosecution for their rape, the consequences tell the rest of men in our society that rape culture is insulated and secure. In America, we continue to fortify institutions that promulgate systemic processes that devalue women. Porn. Porn is a virus that pervades all of our social venues for entertainment and capitalism. We buy, sell, and entertain with one common theme and that is that sex sells and the objects of our capitalist machinations is the female form. It doesn’t even matter the age of the female, she is of value only to the extent that we can make use of her physical attributes. We measure her and judge her stats and we enslave her body for our own pleasures. So how is this any different from what and how Saudi men treat women?

So I write this as a way of venting my disappointments in how little we have progressed as a male dominated society. Viewing the political climate and the possibility that a true misogynist may be elected to the office of President of the United States serves to validate my perspective. 

I won’t even discuss ethnicity or race hear. I will save that for another day when I have far more energy than I do today.


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